What You Need To Know About Video

  • Video can engage your audience better than other media
  • Studies show decision-makers want to watch, not read
  • Studies also show that people who have seen a video are more likely to convert to a lead or buy a product


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Trade Shows & Corporate Events

Stand Out with High Impact at Trade Shows & Events

Trade shows are hectic message-cluttered environments. To compete at a trade show or company event, your presentation must stand out against the rest and be able to reliably catch the eye of your potential customer or corporate audience.

Our trade show displays and collateral marketing materials visually communicate your products and ideas with energy and high-impact imagery. We are experts in producing audiovisual media that captures your audience and creates action-oriented results.


Kessinger Media Marketing knows the many ways to captivate customers. To enhance your presentation’s excitement, we can create marketing materials, including corporate videos, CD-ROMs and DVDs for display and trade show kiosks, laptop presentations, brochures, print advertising and Web sites.